Music Placements


The Killing of a Sacred Deer

Featuring music by the Death Panthers and Joe Smith and the Spicy Pickles

Football Manager 2019 | Welcome to the job

Featuring 'Move Faster' by David Lightfoot 

  Toyota - Arly Velasquez | The Impossible Athlete Series

Featuring 'Mysterious Enemy' by Samuel Karl bohn

Vodafone VOXI (Power of connections)

Featuring 'Opalite' by Martin Luke Brown


UPS 'Surfing'

Featuring 'MSG' by Justin Liquid Anderson 


 Mercedes-Benz - 'The New E-Class Coupé'

Featuring 'Fizzy Logic' by Deeds

City Of Tiny Lights

Featuring 'Espresso Midnight' by James Radford

Google Home 'Be More at Home'

Featuring 'Just Got Better' by Guy Farley.

Lee Cooper 'London is in our Jeans'

Featuring 'Take Me Back to Summertime' by K. Sloan

Renault 'The Ultimate Test Drive'

Featuring 'Shine On' by Peter Conway

David Brent Life On The Road

Featuring music by Stevie Fitz, Ben Price & The Fades


Featuring Distant Dream by Texas Gypsies

BBC4: Bucket

Featuring music by Kirty, Guy Farley, Annie Eve, Rachel Harryman, Adrian Munsey, Danny Toeman and Bill Madison.


You by MOO

Featuring 'Beat The Love' by Autoheart

I Live with models ep 'Tommy's dad'

Featuring 'Game Show' by Late Cambrian

Lip Sync Battle 'Chi girl vs toke music ROA'

Featuring music from Sun Cut Flat and The Helmholtz Resonators


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