To set yourself up with access to the website, click browse music and then go to the top right of your page where it says ‘sign in.’ You will receive an automated email. Once you verify it, you can start your search. If you are using the website under a broadcaster / TV blanket, you will need to select the relevant company under ‘which license are you covered by’. This is important because not all of our artists have opted into our blanket agreements. Don’t worry if you’re already set up and forgot to do this; when you sign in next time just click on ‘blanket license’ on the drop down menu and you can select it then.


There are two ways to search. Firstly, you can type something. Anything. For example “Caribbean” or “uplifting” and you will get a selection of tracks. For a more refined search, your options are shown on the left side of the page. From here you can choose all sorts of things from what kinds of instruments you want, or a specific mood, pace, or music of a certain genre. You can also choose what you don’t want. To do this you simply press ‘exclude’. e.g. If you want a track without vocals, go to ‘instrument’, find ‘vocal’ then next to ‘vocal’ will be the word ‘exclude’. Press this and all tracks without vocals will come up in your search. When you have finished with a search and want to start a new one, press ‘clear search.’


When you find a track you like and wish to save it, click on ‘Add to Playlist.’ This will allow you to set up a playlist if you haven’t already and also to manage existing playlists. You can access your playlists by clicking on ‘Playlists and Assets’ at the top of the screen. From here you are also able to download playlists and share them.


To view our rate card go to ‘Rates & Terms.’ Our TV, film and trailer rates are all there, and if you need a quote for advertising, please get in touch at Once you have found music you would like to use click ‘license’ next to your chosen track. (NB You are free to download and trial out tracks first however, by clicking ‘download’. It’s only when you are 100% sure that you are using the track that you need to press license.) This will take you through to a page where you need to add your company and production details. Once you have filled this out you will receive a license and invoice through to your email.


If you are short of time or just need another set of ears please feel free to contact us at and should you ever need to commission bespoke music, or request changes to tracks, please call us on +44 203 012 0234 or drop us a line and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.